Frivolous Friday – Interesting Books for Us Cat People

We’ve had a lot of time to read and to think—to learn and to grow—to contemplate–and to be entertained. I know that many of you have been thrilled to see another Klepto Cat Mystery published so you can keep up with what Rags is doing. And we’ve come out with three new books in the series since the pandemic was announced in the US. The Secret in the Whiskers, Whiskerful Thinking, and Paws for Trouble (the Kindle version of Paws for Trouble will debut within the next 10 days or so.) Here are a few other books that you might find interesting/entertaining.

Cat Daddy: What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love and Coming Clean, by Jackson Galaxy.

Catify to Satisfy: Simple Solutions for Creating a Cat-Friendly Home, by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin

Catwings by Ursula K. Le Guin

Catfantastic: Nine Lives and Fifteen Tales by Andre Norton

Millions of Cats by Wanda Gag

Stray, Anne McCaffrey

The Dalai Lama’s Cat (a series) by David Michie

For those of you who haven’t read it, you might also want to order by book of true cat stories, Catscapades. Order it here: Or order it from me $10.00 plus $3.00 shipping–autographed.



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  1. Ellen Pilch says:

    I have read most of those. I am glad you have more books ready because I only have 3 left in your series.

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