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People ask me where do my own cats fit into my novels, Catnapped and Cat-Eye Witness. I have three rescued kitties. We found Max in our woodpile when he was only around 4-weeks old. He’s 15 now. Sophie was snatched from the streets when she was 10-weeks old and we were able to tame most of her feral ways. Lily was one of 16 kittens born on a ranch one year to three feral females.

Actually, Rags, the klepto cat is a combination of Lily, who carries her toys around in her mouth and decorates the house with them and my mother’s cat who is large, grey and white and full of purrsonality.

Layla, the precious tangerine beauty who was once a throw-away kitty is patterned somewhat after Lily in her demeanor, only Lily has more moxie.

If you haven’t read my cute mysteries starring a kleptomaniac cat who helps to solve murder mysteries and if you enjoy a cast of interesting characters doing interesting things, read Catnapped and Cat-Eye Witness. They’re both on Kindle at

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