Mindful Monday – New Klepto Cat Mystery

Congratulations to me and lucky you, I managed to produce 8 Klepto Cat Mysteries this year. Surprised me! Up until now, I’ve maintained an average of 6 books per year. How I managed to squeeze in two additional books and have a full life in the process is a mystery even to me.

We published the print version of Book 40, Meow and Forever, last week. The Kindle version will be ready soon. Watch for the announcement here and at my facebook page. Here’s the description for Meow and Forever.

Rags becomes a pawn in a most preposterous plot.

Savannah’s on high alert after someone threatens to take Rags. Every stranger becomes a suspect and every encounter causes more uncertainty. Meanwhile Glori, the special-needs cat, settles into the Ivey home nicely. In fact some of her characteristics cause interesting speculation. Could the sweet calico actually be related to Rags? You might have some ideas of your own once you get to know Glori.

Rags is oblivious to his stalker. He just continues being Rags. He puts a lot of energy into welcoming Glori into the family, with a few unexpected calamities. He helps Teddy celebrate his second birthday, and manages to steal the show. He also saves a little boy and is the catalyst that just might mean a better life for the child.

Behind the scenes, Savannah and Detective Craig Sledge work to expose the stalker, but time is running out. How much longer can they keep Rags safe? And what is Glori’s role in all of this?

Wow! Just reading the description gets me excited about this story. It’s one you won’t soon forget.

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