Frivolous Friday – The Latest Klepto Cat Mystery: #39 Already?

Treat yourself to the newest Klepto Cat Mystery, A Purrfectly Perilous Plot, and enjoy a suspenseful read this weekend. If you’re among the first 5 to post a review of this book at Amazon, and if you contact me with your address, I’ll send you a print (US only) or Kindle copy of Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 40 when it’s completed.

Here’s the description of Book 39, A Purrfectly Perilous Plot: Rags is invited to help rehearse a murder. The community is shocked when fiction becomes a gruesome reality and a key feline witness goes missing. Leave it to Rags to uncover crucial clues that prevent this from being a perfect crime. Rags is on a roll when he performs on stage in San Francisco. He gets more snickers than rave reviews, but he’s applauded for pawing the culprit in a very real embezzlement scam. Without missing a beat, Rags goes on to help reform a troubled friend who’s about to become a terrorist and he helps save the spirit of a dear old man. A lovely cat’s life is saved as well, when the Iveys, with Rags’s blessings, adopt a special-needs cat.

Order it in either print form or for your kindle.


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  1. Kathy says:

    Read it loved it and reviewed it just so you know but I’ll leave the free book for someone else as I have Kindle Unlimited and I want someone who can’t afford it to get it.

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