Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Kittens in the Hood

This is the best spring ever. We have kittens living next door. Our neighbors adopted two of the most adorable kittens—sisters. One looks like her Maine coon-type mother and the other one is black-and-white. Their purrsonalities are as different as their coloring. But boy do they love each other. There’s nothing like adoring feline siblings.

Of course, the kittens are living indoors, so I spend a lot of time trying to come up with reasons to visit and get a peek at them. If I’m lucky, I even get to sit and cuddle them for a few minutes. We all work at home and we’re all busy—so I’m careful not to intrude—while, of course, intruding.

This family has bunnies and I give them my vegetable leftovers. Instead of saving them up for one weekly trip, lately I’m delivering them a string bean and a spinach leaf at a time. Thursday we made chicken and dumplings, which we always share with these neighbors. I got to watch the kittens play for a few minutes when we delivered the food and after supper I received a super neat treat. The neighbors came knocking at our door saying they wanted to share dessert. Yup, they brought the kittens over for a cuddling session. Heavenly.

What do Lily and Sophie think of the mini-“thems”? Sophie has no interest in connecting. She hides under the sofa anytime anyone visits with or without kittens. Lily met one of the kittens once. They went nose-to-nose, and she was not impressed. After they left, Lily spent several minutes giving me the “how dare you,” stare. Sorry Lily, Mommy bad.

So will that stop me from getting my kitten fix? No. I’ll just have to be a little sneaker about my visits.


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