Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – The Curious Cat

Cats are curious beings. Don’t you love seeing your little fluff-ball exploring new territory? I do—well, as long as it’s safe territory. Our kitties like to climb on furniture or leap up to a counter or tabletop to see things from a different perspective. They get excited when they see an open closet door, cabinet, or drawer. And when I bring in shopping bags, they make a bee-line to see what’s inside.

When we have company, the cats may hang out in another room until the people leave. But as soon as the coast is clear, they’re all over the lingering scents. They go right to the spot where the visitor sat and spend several minutes sniffing the floor and the chair. I’ll never forget the December night when neighbors walked up with gifts. One gift was a Christmas tree ornament, which we immediately hung on the tree. The cats, mind you, were in the back bedroom the entire time our guests were here. Yet, when the neighbors left, one of the cats returned to the living room, and, without hesitation, walked right up to that ornament on the tree and began giving it the kitty once-over.

Lily is especially interested in the scents small children leave. She has always been interested in little ones. As a kitten, she used to sit on my desk and watch out the open window as the children next door played. We took care of a grandchild one day a week then and the two of them became great friends—well, they grew up together. Now, she doesn’t always greet children when they come, but she seems to delight in their quiet, gentle visits with her as she hangs out on the bed.

What fun photos do you have of your cat checking out unusual places and items? Would love to share them with blog visitors. As you can see, I’ve collected a few of my own and friends have sent me some.


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