Catnapped Revised

The new and improved Catnapped, the first in the Klepto Cat Mystery series is up and running on Kindle.

As some of you know, I pulled the original (posted June of this year), after some constructive critique and have made some important adjustments. If you like cats and cozy mysteries and you haven’t read Catnapped,shady-011 now is the time to upload it to your Kindle. Don’t have a Kindle? You can download the software to your device or computer FREE from

So who are the cats in the story and on the book cover? And how did I come up with the story for this book? The main cat is patterned partly after my mother’s large grey-and-white cat, Smokey because he is so huge in the personality department and one of the most confident cats I’ve met. My own kitty, Lily, carries things around in her mouth. I can pick up all of her toys and put them away to vacuum or when company’s coming. Within ten minutes, she has scattered them all around the house again. So I loosely combined the traits from these two cats and created Rags.

The storyline came from my daughter who caught a guy come up onto her porch and try to walk away with her cat one day. Later, her other cat came up missing. Scuttlebutt throughout the community indicated that cats were being stolen—but why? You’ll have to read Catnapped to find out. Order your copy on Kindle now. And watch for the second in the series, Cat-Eye Witness, to be published for Kindle in October.

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