Newsday Tuesday – Homeless People Helping Homeless Pets

We sometimes wonder how a homeless person can adequately care for an animal. You’ve seen it—a person who seems homeless sitting on a curb next to a shopping cart filled with his belongings and a dog lying close by. Some people in homeless encampments live with cats. There was one man living on the streets of Santa Barbara some years ago with a dog, a cat, and a bird. He created a sort of side-show with the trio and would entertain passersby.

Some homeless people take care of homeless animals—cats in particular. There’s the story of one formerly homeless woman in Baltimore who continued her commitment to a small cat colony even after she found housing. Here’s her story:

Here’s a good article featuring the homeless and their reason for living (in some cases, their reason for giving up drugs), their pets. As you will read, some of these dogs and cats were on their own before a street person scooped them up and began caring for them. I think that after reading these articles, you’ll look at the homeless with pets in a slightly different light.


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