Thoughts for Thursday – Five-Star Reviews for Meowmoirs

Until a couple of days ago, all of the Amazon reviews for Klepto Cat Book 29, Meowmoirs of a Klepto Cat, were five-star reviews—all 14 of them. Today I noticed a new review. While the reader says it was GREAT, she gave it only four stars. But that’s okay. Sometimes authors learn more from the less positive reviews than the rave reviews. And believe me I listen. However, I can’t say that four stars means anything other than this reader loved the book, only not as much as, perhaps, another book she read from the series or another author’s series.

Oh, I don’t pay any attention to those mean-spirited reviews an author sometimes gets or a silly criticism about the way a character wears her hair. But when I get legitimate critique, I listen and I sometimes make changes. That’s as it should be.

Have you read the Meowmoirs? It’s an overview of the Klepto Cat Mysteries for someone who hasn’t delved into them yet, but staunch fans of Rags also enjoy reading it and reminiscing about some of his antics and adventures. Maybe you haven’t even read Catnapped (the first book in the series). Catnapped has a solid 4-star rating at Amazon with 247 reviews. Seventy-three percent were 4- and 5-star reviews.

If you haven’t taken time to read one of the Klepto Cat Mysteries, I invite you to do so. I think you’ll enjoy getting to know Rags and his human and furry friends and family.

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