Newsday Tuesday – How to Make Shelter Cats More Adoptable

I love this story. Do you know who Jackson Galaxy is? He’s known for his TV show, My Cat From Hell. Well, he has launched a program called Cat Positive wherein shelter directors are urged to teach shelter cats to follow simple commands. Makes sense. When you’re in the market for a cat, wouldn’t you be intrigued by one who reaches out to you with a high five or would show that he could sit on command, for example?

Think about it, this is also good for the cat, who might be a little frightened or feel lost. A cat tends to come out of his shell a little when someone spends time with him. A cat who learns to pay attention and listen and react, not only makes a good impression on shelter visitors, but the cat benefits, too. She begins to feel more secure in her surroundings and with people.

Photography is another way to help a cat or a dog get adopted. My friend, Ruth retired from doing photo shoots and began volunteering to take candid shots of shelter animals to help make them more adoptable. In case you know a shelter director who could benefit from these ideas, here’s an article with 20 tips for helping to make more cats adopted. Here’s another site with 10 really good ideas:

A Brag

Yesterday, my Certificates of Excellence arrived from the Cat Writer’s Association Contest for the best articles, stories, blogs, etc., related to cats for 2017. I received these for a series of blog posts I wrote on traveling with cats and another series on keeping your cats healthy. I’ll attend the awards banquet in June where I’ll be in competition to win a Muse Medallion. There are some amazing animal professionals in this organization and, while I’ve received the Certificate of Excellence over the years, I’ve never made it to the Muse Medallion level. Crossing my fingers.

Would love it if you would point out particular posts that you think are outstanding in some way so I can consider entering them in next year’s contest.



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