Mindful Monday – Is Climate Change Affecting the World’s Animal Population?


This is a topic I’m interested in, so decided to do a little research and share my findings with you. It’s all very discouraging. You know how all parts of the body are connected to make it function properly—the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone…etc. Well, we’ve been told for years that we’re a danger to the world we’re living in—that we’re not taking very good care of it. We’ve done a lot of damage and we continue to do so. According to expert accounts, this thing called climate change is all on us—the humans who walk this planet. And there are numerous agencies and organizations struggling to right things by educating us and warning us to make important changes.

In our environment as with our bodies, each aspect depends on another in order to sustain us and our precious wildlife. When the human jumps in and starts taking from the environment without giving back, when we destroy aspects of what was created with a purpose and was working perfectly to sustain the life here, many species of plant and animal-life struggle and die.

Here are some of the animals that are at risk as we speak: I’ll start with the cat—the beautiful snow leopard is struggling. Most of us like bears—how many of you have one or more adorable stuffed teddy bears? I have several and Lily-kitty has a few of her own. It’s sad to know that polar bears are being seriously affected by our choices and way of living. They aren’t on the endangered list yet, according to some, but they’re being affected by pollution and climate change (due to our handling of the environment) as their natural habitat is melting away. The adorable koala bear is also at risk because they’re slowly losing their primary food source.

The Adelie penguin is struggling to survive and some don’t have much hope for them. Even the Asian and the African elephants are at risk, as are the mountain gorilla, the monarch butterfly, the elephant seal, the American pica and others.

So what is causing the problem? Will the animals we’re familiar with go extinct like the dinosaur? Some certainly will if we don’t pay more attention to what we’re doing to our environment. What can I do? you might ask? I asked the same thing. First educate yourself. Conduct your own research. Pick up that magazine that features an article on climate change. Watch specials on TV showing what’s happening. Listen to commentary on this subject. Then vow to do what you can do to help save the wonderful animals we share this earth with and humanity. Here are a few sites that outline specific things we can do: https://www.nrdc.org/stories/how-you-can-stop-global-warming http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/06/us/climate-change-strategies/


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