Lily the Calendar Girl

Lily between photo shoots

Lily between photo shoots

I received the 2011 Workman 365 Cats calendar this week with a photo of Lily. She appears on the March 15 page surrounded by alphabet blocks. And the photo was given a Special Mention. As an added thrill, her picture is also on the back of the calendar box.

This is the second time one of my photos was accepted by Workman. The first photo showed three orphan kittens waiting for a home. I believe that picture was featured in March, as well.

The deadline for the 2012 calendar is near and I am driving my cats nuts snapping pictures of them this week. I’m also sorting through the cat photos on my computer.

One thing I like about the Workman cat calendars is that they are educational as well as entertaining. On Lily’s page, for example, there’s information about kitty kindergarten—classes where kitty companions can take their kittens for behavior training.

Did you know that a cat can sprint as fast as 30 mph. A human’s top speed is around 27.8 mph. No wonder you can’t catch your cat when it’s time to go to the vet. There’s information about various cat breeds, why some cats are attracted to catnip and even quotes from famous cat people. I particularly like reading the kitty rescue stories.

To order the 2011 365 Cats Page-a-Day calendar, go to You can find out how to submit your favorite cat photos for the 2012 calendar, as well.

You might recall that Lily is on the cover of my book of cat stories and the story of her horrific household accident is included in the book. Order your copy of Catscapades, True Cat Tales NOW for holiday giving.

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