Newsday Tuesday – Here’s How to Track Your Roaming Cat!

The latest Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 25—A CATalyst for Clues, is now available for purchase in print and for your Kindle. The audio version will be offered for sale around November 1. Watch for that big announcement.

In this book, Rags wears a tracking device in order to help with a rescue, with unexpected results, as you can imagine. Well, last week, I received a notice featuring a new tracker for your cat. It’s about the size of a fifty-cent-piece, weighs mere ounces, comes in four color choices, and is designed to hang from your cat’s collar.

If your cat is a roamer and you’d like to track where he goes on his daily rounds throughout the neighborhood, check out the Tabcat Cat Tracker.

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2 Responses to Newsday Tuesday – Here’s How to Track Your Roaming Cat!

  1. Pearl Hilden says:

    Just finished reading CATalyst for Clues. It was such a treat after the impatient wait! As always, Rags did not disappoint and I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure – finger biting at times as it was. Thank you!

    • Patricia says:

      Super. So glad you enjoyed it. Rags can be a character, can’t he? Just sent Book 26 to the proofreader. This story takes place in the mountains of Colorado and Rags will be quite busy running amuck. Watch for this book to debut probably around the first of November.

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