Thoughts for Thursday – Peeking in on the Private Lives of Cats


Did you know there are webcams set up in many countries focusing on a whole variety of animals and birds? Maybe you’re one of many who have become addicted to them. Over the past few years, I’ve been keeping an eye on eagle and owl nests. It’s fascinating to watch the egg-laying event and witness the hatching and be privy to how these birds are raised and cared for. Then comes fledging day when the young ones leave the nest. It’s all so beautiful and, at times, emotional.

At there are generally around 70 live webcams on all types of critters, hummingbirds, the eagles and owls, osprey, bison, crocodiles, bats, polar bears, pandas, dogs, ocean creatures, chipmunks, bees, and even cats (big and small). There are also off-hour highlights you can watch.

Right now, you can peek in on a bunch of lively kittens here:

But beware, these webcams can be addicting, as you will notice when following the chat below the videos. Some people plan their days around watching for eggs to hatch or spending time with the big cats. And they make friends with the other webcam-stalkers. Let me know if you visit and which of the webcams are your faves.

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