Frivolous Friday – If Pets Had Thumbs Day

No kidding, today is “If Pets Had Thumbs Day.” Someone has actually created a day celebrating…celebrating what? The fact that animals don’t have thumbs? Naw, it’s more likely that someone wants to make fun of cats and dogs and speculate what they could do if they had thumbs.

Here are some of the activities mentioned in the posts I visited. If cats had thumbs, for example, they could open their own cans of cat food, open the refrigerator, text, use the TV remote and surf the Internet. In other words, if pets had thumbs, we’d have a whole new relationship with them. On the upside, they could do more to help around the house—feed themselves, get you a beer, load the dishwasher, CLEAN THEIR OWN LITTERBOX!!!

On the downside, if pets had thumbs, the dog and cat could open the door and ru off, get into the fridge and eat the meatloaf you had planned for supper, and order things on the Internet. If you think that two-year-olds can cause havoc in a household, just imagine what a dog or cat with thumbs could do. I shudder to think about it. But if you’re interested in a humorous slant on the topic—how could one approach this subject any other way—here’s a site you might enjoy.

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  1. Linda Faa says:

    You have stimulated my imagination . . . oh, my!

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