Frivolous Friday – Creating the Klepto Cat Mysteries

Picture-Purrfect-Christmas-cover-300I know you like cats—so I write about cats here in this blog. But some of you also enjoy reading my Klepto Cat Mysteries and learning more about the process of writing them. I’m currently editing book number 20 and fleshing out the 21st in the series. These two books tie the story of Iris’s bed-and-breakfast project together in a most unique way. Of course there are a lot of twists and turns and kitty-cat activity. Rags has his paws full in these back-to-back stories and so do the humans you’ve come to know and (mostly) love.

Have you read book 19—The Amazing CATventure? Oh my goodness, the reviews are over-the-top GREAT. Readers love this story—they call it a real “cliffhanger,” “a great mystery.” Some say it was hard to put down. And most can’t wait to see what happens next. I hope to satisfy readers’ hunger for more kitty-cat adventure soon. Stay tuned. I’ll announce the new book here and at my Klepto Cat Mystery facebook page.

In the meantime, do you remember the charming story of the “Picture-Purrfect Christmas?” This is a good time to think about ordering copies for holiday gifts. You might want to read it again to get in the Christmas spirit.

Order “A Picture-Purrfect Christmas” (or any of the other Klepto Cat Mysteries) from me and get it autographed.


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  1. kathy says:

    Love your books please keep writing reading gets me through my tuff times

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