Thoughts for Thursday – A Cat-a-Day

Smokey, AKA the Klepto Cat

Smokey, AKA the Klepto Cat

Cat-a-Day. I love my cat-a-day calendar. Each day, I turn the page and get a picture of a different cat with information about the cat or an aspect of cats in general. Yesterday, for example, there’s a picture of a cute kitty named Boris Sherlock from Knoxville, TN chewing on his blankie. The message is about cats who may have a nutritional deficiency—who may need more fiber. It is recommended for such cats, that you add canned pumpkin to his diet. (Not the ready-made pie pumpkin, but pure pumpkin.) Pumpkin is great for helping improve an ill or ailing cats’ appetite, as well.

Today’s calendar cat is sitting next to a couple of containers of cat grass and it talks about the value of feeding your cat grass. She will probably toss it up and stain your carpeting, because she can’t digest it, but experts say that can be a good thing. The process can also bring up other things that might be disturbing your cat’s digestive process—a fur ball, for example.

There’s a cool site that introduces a cat-a-day. Check it out here: If you have a special cat (and aren’t they all special?), you can nominate him or her to be featured at this site. Let us know if your cat is chosen and we’ll feature him or her here, too.

Don’t forget to order your copy of the latest Klepto Cat Mystery—Book 19—The Amazing CATventure. See Wednesday’s post for the links.

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  1. CAROL VANATTA says:

    How may I purchase the 2017 CATSCAPADES CALENDAR? I will be 70
    on OCTOBER THE 6, 2016, and this would be my best gift 😍.
    Waiting for the next KLEPTO CAT COZY..

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