Thoughts for Thursday – Furniture for the Princess

Lily and more 048I hope I’ve been missed. Did you notice there were no posts for Tuesday or Wednesday? Normally, when I know I’ll be away, I write blog posts ahead of time and schedule them to post on certain dates. That’s what I did throughout the end of June, first of July while traveling. Works slick. But when you get side-lined by a sudden, unexpected illness, and you’re too sick to stagger to the computer, let alone to think and to compose…well, that’s what happened this week. I hope I can make it up to you in the next few days.

Today, I want to share with you a cool site showing clever and attractive ways to conceal the litter box. I’m not sure I would hide our cats’ litter boxes in a cabinet next to the sofa in the living room, though—for two reasons: the aroma and the always present litter scattered around the box. Visit the site and see what you think.

Have you seen the cat wheel? Now here’s a cool idea for exercising your indoor kitty. I wonder what it takes to get a cat to actually use this. I can imagine our cats investigating it, lying on it, jumping through the hoop of it, but I don’t know if either one of them would actually use it how it’s intended.

Here are some elaborate designs for cat furniture. And you can even have something built to your cats’ specifications.


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