Mindful Monday—Adopt a Cat Month

010June is a busy month for pets. This is “Adopt a Cat Month,” and there’s still time to rescue a cat or two. Just visit your local animal shelter and I’m sure you’ll meet a cat or kitten face-to-face who would love to climb into your carrier and accompany you home. It’s gotta beat living in a cage, spending every night alone, being passed up by every visitor to the shelter.

Or maybe you’ve seen a stray in the neighborhood or near where you work or you know of a litter of kittens some kids down the street are trying to find homes for. Consider inviting one (or two) into your home. You know you’ll be rewarded many times over for your generosity.

We all have stories of chance meetings with cats who turned out to be the love of our lives, right? Or are these truly chance meetings? Sometimes it seems that the cat has a plan and knows when and how to put it into motion in order to land the human she wants.

Have you ever felt that way? That your cat chose you instead of the other way around?

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