Frivolous Friday—Our Birthday Princess

Lily7birthdayToday is Lily’s birthday. As you can see in her picture—she can’t hardly believe it herself that she’s already 7 years old.

This little dear had a rough start—she was born in a Volkswagen and raised in an attic with 3 feral mother cats and 15 other kittens. When she was 10-weeks old, tragedy struck—one of our older cats knocked a cat-tree on her and she received a head injury. After surviving that horrible ordeal, we discovered she has chronic kidney disease. We also learned early on that she’s allergic to some of the vaccines vets recommend for kittens and cats. I’ve spent more than one night sleeping on the floor with her during her recoveries—when she was too sick to move.

At one point, we were sure we were losing her—she flat quit eating and no one could figure out why. After consulting four veterinarians, including a holistic vet whom we spent an hour on the phone with and a lot of research, we devised some methods and remedies to get her back on track.

Now she is one healthy and happy kitty. But with her history of illness and a few underlying concerns, including the kidney disease, which seems to be stable as we speak, each birthday milestone is a blessing for us. Happy Birthday sweet Lily.

In case you haven’t noticed throughout the years I’ve been maintaining this blog, we



consider Lily one precious, special kitty who is well-loved and pampered. She’s a total inside kitty who loves to snuggle and has a sense of humor that keeps us chuckling.

You can read more about Lily and dozens of other cats in my first book that features cats—Catscapades, True Cat Tales. or order it at


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  1. Bernadette says:

    Well, Happy Bird’s Day, Miss Lily! We are so glad you made it this far alive and well, especially after a beginning like that. Really glad you found your way to the right human too!

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