Frivolous Friday Fun–27 other Cozy Mystery Series With Cats

Sophie At WindowCat fiction is in the news this week—first the Wall Street Journal. Today on the Cat Channel

Some of you have enjoyed reading my Klepto Cat Mysteries. I thought you’d like to know about some of the other cat fiction out there. Here’s a list of 27:

The Cat Who Mysteries – Lillian Braun Jackson

Black Cat Bookshop Mysteries – Ali Brandon

Cats in Trouble Mysteries – Leann Sweeney

Magical Cats Mysteries – Sofie Kelly

Cat in the Stacks Mysteries – Miranda Jones

Second Chance Cat Mysteries – Sofie Ryan

Midnight Louie, Carole Nelson Douglas

Sunny and Shadow Mysteries – Claire Donally

The Cat and Curios Mysteries – Rebecca M. Hale

Pawsitively Organic Mysteries – Liz Mugavero

Joe Grey Mysteries – Shirley Roussea Murphy

Mrs. Murphy Mysteries – Rita Mae Brown

The Black Cat Mysteries — Lisa Shea

Mystic Notch Cozy Mysteries – Leighann Dobbs

The Chocoholic Mysteries – JoAnna Carl

Bookmobile Cat Mysteries – Laurie Cass

Salty Tails – Richard Stephens

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot Mysteries — Dixie Lyle

Reigning Cats and Dogs Mysteries – Cynthia Baxter

Theda Krakow Mysteries – Clea Simon

Biscuit McKee Mysteries – Fran Stewart

Mrs. Bundle Mysteries – Allison Cesario Paton

Big Mike Mysteries – Garrison Allen

The Cat That Mysteries – Karen Anne Golden

Witch’s Cat Mysteries – Delia James

Whales and Tales Mysteries – Kathi Daley

Paws and Claws Mysteries – Krista Davis

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  1. Thank you for sharing my little provincial series—cats and mysteries rock! More Mrs Bundle Mysteries fun can be found at

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