Bring Your Best Game Thursday—Win a FREE eBook

ClawsFor Cause-coverMichelle over at Miki’s Hope has posted a new review for my latest Klepto Cat Mystery, Claws for a Cause. Check it out at her site. As you can see, people get a kick out of my little stories. I like the fact that they make people think, laugh, love, and even cry (generally happy tears).

Today, I’d like to offer a FREE Kindle version of Claws for a Cause any one of the other 11 Klepto Cat Mysteries that are formatted for Kindle. All you have to do is guess the total number of  Amazon reviews for all of the books in the series as of this morning—February 11, 2016. Whoever gets closest to the number wins the ebook. I’ll give the answer tomorrow. So get your vote in! Either leave your guess here as a comment or email me:

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