Need Help Marketing Your Book?

Would you like to work with a book marketing company? Do you have money to spend? Are you willing to work hard pursuing the gigs and opportunities the marketing company or publicist arranges for you? Is your book well-written, error-free and does it have an audience? Then you might benefit from a PR firm or publicist who works with authors.

Yesterday I did a little research for a client who is ready to hire such a company. I gave him a short list of two possibilities and contact information for three others—all seemingly reputable and with good recommendations. For those of you who are interested, here they are in no particular order:

Paula Margulies

Scott Lorenz
Book Marketing Expert

Dan Smith Publicity

Ascot Media Group

A Marketing Expert
Penny Sansevieri

Getting Purrrsonal Now
A new 5-star review has come in for Catnapped, a Klepto Cat Mystery. Check it out here:

Catnapped is my first novel. It’s considered a cozy mystery and it involves cats—and horses. It’s on Kindle only at this point.

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