Benefits of a Blog Tour

July 28th, 2014

Today is the last day of the blog tour for my Klepto Cat Mystery series. So what did I get out of the tour? We’ve covered most of the benefits of a blog tour during the week here in this blog. I hope this has jazzed you up about the possibilities for your own blog tour, where you’ll get exposure for your book or your series and become more well-known as a writer in that genre or on that topic.

Another benefit is the review. Well, this could come under exposure, certainly. During the week, the blog hosts posted reviews of my various Klepto Cat Mystery books at their sites, at Amazon, at Good Reads and other places. They’ve posted at their social media accounts. So what’s that…another 1,000 or 50,000 people who learned about my cozy mysteries during the week?

As Aunt Margaret would say, “Yeowza!”

Okay, so what’s next in my marketing bag for this series of books? I’m thinking about doing Amazon’s free book program. One of my clients offered his Kindle book for free at Amazon and he says there were 34,000 copies downloaded in one day. Now, I have trouble seeing the benefit of doing the free thing for just one book. But when you have a series—offering the first in the series for free could very well entice hundreds or thousands of those 34,000 people to buy some of the others. Hey what if all 34,000 people purchase just one of the other books? So what’s 70 percent of $100,000? That figure rates another Yeowza!!!

I’ll let you know if and when I decide to try this Amazon program. In the meantime, I’d better get back to the writing of book 6—The Celebrity Cat Caper.

Oh, by the way, today’s blog tour stopover is at I share more of my personal story and some of my passions (writing and cats).

I’m Patricia Fry and you can learn more about me and my work here: and Order the Klepto Cat Mystery books at Amazon for your Kindle here:




July 27th, 2014

My blog tour, featuring the Klepto Cat Mystery series ran all last week. What were the results? Unlike my first blog tour in February, the results were not all that tangible—not yet, anyway. Last time, sales doubled during the week of the tour. That was exciting! This time, that didn’t happen. But that doesn’t mean this tour bombed.

Over four dozen people left comments at the various blog stops. So that’s around 50 new people who know about and are interested in the five books in the Klepto Cat Mystery series. One can assume that there are three to ten times that many who saw the reviews and guest blogs at my blog stops, and didn’t comment.

Add to that the number of potential readers who saw the promo at my facebook page, on twitter, at my blog sites, and the 2,000 who received my latest enewsletter. Remember, exposure is gold to authors. Exposure results in immediate sales, future sales, and residual sales. No efforts to gain exposure are wasted. And the more exposure you can get for your book, the more chances for those coveted sales.

Take every opportunity to get exposure for your book—to promote it before an audience, blog visitors, festival attendees, individuals you meet, etc.

There’s one more stop on my blog tour. Tomorrow, Brenda at WV Stitcher will post my guest post about how I came to write about cats. I think you’ll enjoy it. Be sure to stop in!


Have an Affair With Your Readers

July 25th, 2014

We’ve talked a lot about blogging this week as I’ve enjoyed a busy week during my second blog tour. I’ve been promoting my cozy mystery series, the Klepto Cat Mysteries—featuring my latest in the series, The Colony Cat Caper. But you can also do a blog tour to promote one book.

The purpose of a blog tour is to draw attention to your book, so you will choose blog sites where those interested in the subject, theme, or genre of your book congregate. These are sites where visitors learn about new books, resources, events, activities, and individuals related to areas of their interest. Some people follow certain blogs because they want/need the news and or information the blogger typically shares. Others stumble upon a blog where there’s a post of interest to them. And others learn about blogs when they see one advertised during a blog tour, for example.

Whether your book is for authors, gardeners, travelers, artists, beekeepers, educators, parents, children, or people who love horses, adventure stories, mysteries, etc., you’ll find related blog sites. How do you find them? Well, if you’re an author with books on these topics and in these genres, you should know about them, already. You should be interacting with these bloggers often, anyway. Contact them and ask if they would review your book or if you can be a guest blogger during the week of your tour.

But if you aren’t aware of who’s movin’ and shakin’ among bloggers in your field, area of interest, or genre, you’ll need to start your blog tour from scratch. Locate appropriate blog sites by doing an Internet search and by checking out directories of blog sites. Here are a few:

Something that has surprised me during both of my blog tours (in February and the one this week), is how many readers of cozy mysteries and cat mysteries and visitors to particular blogs have not heard of me or my series. With the promotion I’ve done and the exposure Amazon has given my Klepto Cat Mystery series, I’m amazed that some avid readers of this genre are not yet aware of this series. That’s why it is necessary to promote, promote, promote, and promote some more if you want your book to sell more than a handful of copies.

If you like light mysteries and you enjoy reading about interesting cat and human characters, you must get into the Klepto Cat Mystery series. I’m working on book number 6. Order books 1 through 5 here:

Visit my blog stopover today at Michele reviews the third in the Klepto Cat Mystery series, Sleight of Paw.

The Benefits of a Virtual Book Tour

July 24th, 2014

Today’s blog tour stop might be the most fun yet. A new kitten on the Klepto Cat Mystery block talks about her life. And there are prizes involved. If you like mochas, mysteries, and cats, you’ve gotta become a regular visitor at Melissa’s and Truffle’s Mochas, Mysteries, and Meows:

Visit this site between now and July 30 and you might win a free copy of one of the Klepto Cat Mysteries.

So what can a virtual book tour do for you? If you choose to stop at blog sites closely related to the theme/genre of your book and you advertise your tour widely:

  • You will reach new potential readers.
  • You will sell books.
  • Your book will get exposure, which we all know can lead to sales.
  • You’ll likely meet others offering opportunities for additional exposure for your book.
  • This is an opportunity to promote your own blog site.
  • It’s fun!

Learn more about the entire Klepto Cat Mystery series at

Learn more about publishing and book marketing by reading my series of books for authors

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All of these books are available at in print, audio, and Kindle. Or purchase your copies at


More Blog Tour Resources, Recommended eBooks, and a RECIPE

July 23rd, 2014

Well, the host of my blog tour stopover for today seems to have disappeared—she has not posted to her blog site since early this month and she has ignored all of my follow-up emails. So we’re on our own today. One thing she wanted me to do was to share a recipe, so that’s what I’m going to do today. Let me know if you like it.

More Blog Tour Resources

But first, here are a couple more resources for you to check out in case you want to do a more formal blog tour than the one I’ve organized.

http://www.virtualauthorblogtours specializes in paranormal, fantasy, series and thrillers (Write Now Literature Virtual Book Tours) also sets up radio tours for authors.

eBooks You Should Check out

These ebooks are at my website

The Author’s Repair Kit: Heal Your Publishing Mistakes and Breathe New Life Into Your Book (27 pages, $5.95) This is a one-of-a-kind book for authors with published books that are not selling as well as they’d like.

50 Reasons Why You Should Write That Book (26 pages, $3.95)

50 Ways to Promote Your eBook (19 pages, $3.95)

Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich

By Patricia Fry

(This recipe appears in the third Klepto Cat Mystery, Sleight of Paw. It’s a quick and easy gourmet meal for a busy day or to share with company.)

This recipe makes two generous servings—one sandwich each.

Four slices of Texas bread or thick-sliced bakery or homemade fresh white bread

Four slices pepper-jack cheese

Butter or margarine


3 roma tomatoes, sliced

1 lime

1/3 bunch cilantro, chopped

3 green onions or half small red or sweet onion chopped

Salt and pepper

Early in the day oven roast the tomatoes in olive oil and a little salt and pepper. (350 for 8-15 minutes depending on how thick the slices are.) When cool, chop the tomatoes and mix with lime zest from one lime, a little lime juice, the cilantro, and onions. Refrigerate until ready to use. At meal time, spread butter or margarine on one side of the bread slices and place two of them on a griddle or in a heavy skillet, buttered side down over medium heat. Add one slice of cheese (more if you like a cheesier sandwich). Spread half of the filling over the cheese. Top with a second slice of cheese and the second slice of bread. When the bread is browned and the cheese is starting to melt, turn the sandwiches to brown the other side.


Chill today with one of these fab sandwiches, and get ready for more Klepto Cat fun tomorrow, when one of Rags’s friends, Dolly (a tabby kitten), tells all at Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and Meows.


Turn a Languishing Book into a Flourishing One.

July 22nd, 2014

What fun we’re having this week on our second blog tour. Today, I get to talk about my long writing career. You’ll learn how I came to shift gears after years of writing nonfiction and finally dip my toe into the sea of fiction. Laura Thomas, at FU Only Knew ( took the time to review three books in the Klepto Cat Mystery series. Be sure to check out her comments and my side-story.

We’ve been talking about how to set up a blog tour. You can do an Internet search to locate blogs related to the theme of your book and contact the hosts. You can use directories of blogs to find appropriate stopovers for your tour. Or hire a blog tour service to set up your tours. (See my July 18th post for resources.) But what’s the secret to locating reviewers for your particular book?

Many bloggers will review books. In fact, when you’re seeking appropriate blogs sites for your blog tour, be sure to include reviewers for the genre/theme of your book in your search. Here are some directories of book reviewers: They also have a print book that comes out every other year—The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages. It contains over 775 pages of reviewers in every category, and the majority of them review self-published books.

Here’s a list of book review sites:

Here’s a list of 352 book reviewers

Do reviews generate sales? Let me ask you, is your book getting the attention and making the sales you would like? Are you getting large royalty checks and/or selling dozens or hundreds of books through your website? Why not try getting more exposure for your book by getting it reviewed over and over again. It doesn’t cost you anything but your time. And it could just help you pay next month’s rent.

You see, the thing that many authors can’t wrap their heads around is the fact that a book that no one knows about isn’t going to sell. Someone has to spread the word—let readers know the book exists. Without this effort, a book will languish and die.


How to Promote a Blog Tour

July 21st, 2014

This is the first day of my blog tour for the Klepto Cat Mystery series. Be sure to stop in at the WV Stitcher site today: Host Brenda has presented a lovely review and she’s given quite a bit of insight into the 5th in the series—the latest Klepto Cat book—The Colony Cat Caper.

I’ve had a lot of interest from authors with regard to the blog tour concept. Today, I’d like to respond to the questions about promoting a blog tour.

I’d say just promote a blog tour the same way you would promote any other promotional activity. For example:

  • Post your stops in your blog and at your social media pages.
  • Send out an email blast to your enormous email addressbook.
  • If you publish an enewsletter, include your blot tour in the next issue.
  • Send announcements to all of editors of newsletters associated with the organizations you belong to.
  • Write articles for or send short stories to newsletters and magazines related to the theme or genre of the book you’re promoting on the tour and mention the tour in the bio section.
  • Get a podcast gig and make the announcement to listeners. Do an Internet search to find podcast opportunities within your book’s theme/genre.
  • If you plan a signing, presentation, or you’ll be attending a conference related to your book, have bookmarks made promoting the blog tour and hand them out.
  • Leave comments at other blog sites promoting your tour.
  • Talk it up—talk about it everywhere you go.
  • The day of each stop on your tour, promote it through your blog and social media.

If you’ve done a blog tour and have something to add to this list, please leave your comment here.



Perspectives on and Resources for Book Blog Tours

July 18th, 2014

Yesterday, I shared my upcoming blog tour schedule. I hope you’ll stop in and enjoy the fun and frivolity. If you’re a published author, who is trying to drum up readers, you might want to plan your own blog tour. I’ve written about how I set up a blog tour. Refer to the blog posted February 15, 2014. Today, I’ll share some successful blog tour strategies from other authors.

Are you aware that there are blog tour services? That’s right. You can get professional help scheduling, promoting, and managing your blog tour. One author I know uses CLP Blog Tours because they specialize in her genre.

She tells me that, while the service made all of the arrangements, the author was required to write some guest blogs, send the cover image to those who requested it, etc. But the blog tour service did the promotion. This company offers several packages from $20 to over $200. Check them out here:

This author said that she thinks people often overestimate the affect of blog tours on sales. She says, “If you go in thinking it’s going to drive a gazillion sales of your book, you’ll be disappointed. It’s just one way of raising awareness about you and your novels online.”

However, I shared with you after my first blog tour in February, that the week of my tour, sales for my Klepto Cat Mystery series doubled!

I spoke with another colleague who does blog tours to bring attention to her two novels. She said she does ongoing, informal blog tours. She doesn’t use a service and she doesn’t necessarily book a regimented tour.

She says, “I line up blogs and get permission to post.” She told me, “I don’t pay attention to the order of things. I don’t do tours over a certain day or week. I just do them as often as my schedule allows, sometimes I binge with them, aka, a tour.”

Here are links to a few blog tour services. If you use them, report back to me and, not only will I share your experience with my readers, I’ll give your book a plug.

Blog Tour Schedule for Klepto Cat Mysteries

July 17th, 2014

Here’s my blog tour schedule for July 21 through July 28. To remind you, this tour focuses on my Klepto Cat Mystery series. In fact, Brenda Castro at WV Stitcher, a blog about reviewing, and stitching, is devoting every Monday this month to the Klepto Cat Mystery series. She posted her original reviews for Catnapped, Cat-Eye Witness and Sleight of Paw July 7. This week, she is featuring Undercover Cat. Read her review here: Monday, July 21, Brenda reviews my latest Klepto Cat Mystery, The Colony Cat Caper and July 28, I will be guest blogger at her site. I’ll giving some never-before-divulged insight as to why I write what I write and how I come up with some of the Klepto Cat Mystery stories and cat personalities I feature.

July 22, Laura Thomas will post a review for The Colony Cat Caper at her site, FU Only Knew. And she’ll post my guest blog focused on my writing path—what led up to my creating this successful cozy mystery series. Be sure to visit Laura’s site next Tuesday. After having established a forty-year career writing nonfiction, why did I decide to try my hand at writing a novel? It’s a rather interesting story. You don’t want to miss it.

Wednesday, July 23, I’ll be sharing a recipe with Anna and her blog visitors at She’ll also post her review of The Colony Cat Caper.

July 24, one of my cat characters, Dolly, a formerly feral kitten will be guest blogger. You don’t not want to miss this. Be sure to check in at

July 25, Michele at Miki’s Hope will post her review of Sleight of Paw, the third in the series. I think I’ll provide something special for you at my own blog that day, as well. My theme is a surprise, even to me. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe Rags, the kleptomaniac cat, will join us and give us some hints about the next book in the Klepto Cat Mystery series.

Monday, July 28, as I mentioned above, I’ll be guest blogger for Brenda Castro at Kitty Crochet.

Whew, it will be a full week, and a fun one. I hope you will make a note on your calendar to join me and my fun cats for the journey.

So how does one go about setting up a blog tour? I thought you’d never ask. Tomorrow, I will give you some insight. As for me, I make all of the arrangements on my own. But, guess what? There are services that will do it for you. I’ll bring some of them to light for you. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, order your Kindle copy of Catnapped, Cat-Eye Witness, Sleight of Paw, Undercover Cat, and The Colony Cat Caper today. You can get the first three listed in print, as well. Type in a title or “Klepto Cat Mysteries.”

Why YOU Should Go Digital

July 16th, 2014

I hope you noticed I’ve been away for a while. It’s always nice to be missed. No, I haven’t been lounging on some exotic island watching gentle waves leave foam bubbles on a white sand beach. I’ve been helping a fellow author to achieve his publishing dreams. Yup, I spent the week editing a 100,000-word manuscript.

Now I’m gearing up for another book tour featuring my latest Klepto Cat Mystery, The Colony Cat  Caper. I’ll post the schedule as soon as I have it etched in stone. But I can tell you that we’re going to have some fun. Dolly, a kitten fairly new to the series, is going to share some of her thoughts and experiences. (The cats in my stories don’t typically talk, but they do occasionally participate in blogs.)

I’ll be sharing a recipe—now that’s a first. And, of course, the blog hosts will post their reviews of The Colony Cat Caper and some of the other books in the Klepto Cat Mystery series.

In the meantime, I have to tell you the mysteries continue to sell like I never expected. I am having such a good time and I hope my readers are, too. The first in the series, Catnapped, has collected 71 reviews, many of those I generated through my own promotional efforts. But the majority of them, I believe, are due to the great job Amazon does in promoting books for their Kindle Direct Publishing authors.

If you have a novel, consider bringing it out through the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program at Amazon and see if it will become as successful as my little cozy mysteries have been. How successful? I’m consistently selling between 50 and 130 per day!

Yeah, you can go to your page at KDP and check the ordering activity daily. And if you decide you want to produce the book in print, as well, consider going with CreateSpace. They’re easy to work with, do a good job, are prompt, AND you don’t have to ship books ordered through Amazon. CreateSpace fills your Amazon orders for print copies on demand.