Good News for Authors–And Out-of-the-Box Book Promotion Tips

Publisher’s Weekly announced this week that sixty new independent bookstores were opened in 2015 and they’re scattered all across the US. There are several new bookstores along the west coast and the Eastern Seaboard and all throughout the middle states. I glanced at the list and saw that several have sprouted up across Ohio and Missouri. There are interesting new bookstores now in Utah, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Georgia, Florida and New York. See the complete list here:

If you’re an author, you might want to find the indie bookstores closest to where you live and introduce the proprietors to your amazing book. Sweeten the pot by offering to bring in three or six other authors for a signing. But go in with a promotional plan—coverage in local newspapers, local facebook pages, and an email blast, for example. Put up posters in the library, community bulletin boards, and the bookstore. Provide a program of interest to bookstore customers and, of course, give something away. Make it lively and fun. Make it interactive. Do whatever it takes to get people into the store and in a book-buying mood.

If your book relates to animals, involve the local humane society or other animal shelter. Throw a pet parade in a local park sponsored by the bookstore and encourage kids to bring their pet puppies, frogs, llamas, and lizards. If it’s a scientific book for kids, create a hands-on project for children. Devise a contest for young writers and honor them the day of the signing.

Give a demonstration. This would be perfect for a book on animal training, a cookbook, one featuring organization techniques, relaxation techniques, and so many others.

This event might spur you on to set up workshops of your own based on your how-to or informational book on fishing, shopping, packing for a trip, travel safety, publishing/book promotion, healthy eating, elderly care, quilting, etiquette, dating and so many other topics.

All you have to do is create a lesson plan for your workshop. Then secure a suitable place and start spreading the word. You can charge for the workshop (which you’ll want to do if there’s a fee for the space) or you can make the purchase of your book a requirement instead.

These are just a few book promotion activities you can pursue outside of the Internet either through a local bookstore or at another venue. There are hundreds more. Find over 250 ideas for your fiction or nonfiction book in my book, Promote Your Book, Over 250 Proven. Low-Cost Tips and Techniques for the Enterprising Author. It’s available at my website, here: and at Amazon here:

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