Snoop, Lurk and Stalk Your Way to Publishing Success

I spent a good part of the last two days snooping, lurking and even stalking. And that’s what authors must do in order to successfully promote our books. What do I mean? What were some of the tactics I used and the activities I involved myself in?

• I visited the websites of authors with books similar to mine and looked at their lists of interviews, book signings, presentations and so forth. I made note of some of these opportunities and contacted the interviewers, etc.

• I looked at their media pages to find out who’s reviewing their books and which publications are giving them press. I, then, contacted some of those reviewers and journalists.

• I did intense Internet searches for reviewers of books like mine and bloggers who blog on the topic of my books.

• I visited the bloggers’ and reviewers’ sites to get a sense of them and contacted those who seemed to be a match for me.

• I checked out some of the Amazon reviewers for books like mine and attempted to locate them. (Not easy, but I scored on a few.)

As a result of my efforts, I have connected with an additional two dozen or so reviewers, bloggers and interviewers who may be able to put my book in front of hundreds or thousands more potential readers. Not a bad result for a few day’s work.

If you aren’t snooping, lurking and stalking, perhaps you aren’t doing enough to get the exposure you need for your fiction or nonfiction book.

If you’re looking for a fun read for what’s left of your summer, consider ordering Catnapped for your Kindle. It’s the first in my Klepto Cat Mystery series. And, I’m told, it isn’t exactly a cozy mystery—there’s just a tad more excitement in it than is typically tolerated in a cozy. You be the judge. If you like a light mystery and unique cats, you may enjoy Catnapped.

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