4 Ways to Promote Your Book Through Your Blog

A blog can be many things and serve many purposes. When you have a book to promote, it makes sense to turn your blog into a promotional tool. Whether your book is a historical novel, a how-to gardening book, a memoir or a book of poetry, let your blog entries spread the word and you will sell more books. Here are four ideas for using your blog to promote your book:

1: Stay focused on your topic. Make sure that you are providing the information your audience wants in a way that makes it palatable. Stay on track when adding to your blog so that you are always addressing your target audience. Sure you can write about something personal if you want, but try to tie it into your primary topic.

2: Use numerous keywords. If your audience is seeking information about gardening in the northwest, continually use words in your blog entries that your potential audience would use in an Internet search.

3: Participate at other blog sites. Search out blogs on your topic by using your favorite search engine or by using Google Alerts http.google.com/alerts Leave comments, ask to be interviewed, ask to be a guest blogger, offer articles and other information.

4: Offer freebies. Do you sometimes wonder if you’re being read? Offer free items or run contests from time to time. I know one author who offered a $100 prize to the 100th person who purchased her book. I offer a free ebooklet—something that includes information or tips that may or may not be included in the book that I’m currently pitching. You’ll find out how many people are reading your blog by the number who download your freebie.

Tomorrow, I’ll share another four ways to promote your book through your blog.

Sales appear to be up for Catnapped, A Klepto Cat Mystery. It’s a Kindle book sold through Amazon. I’m still waiting for more reviews. I continue to receive encouraging words with regard to this (my first) novel, and I hope that readers will post them at the Catnapped page. http://amzn.to/14OCk0W

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