Your Book Launch or Re-Launch Party

Do you have a new book or one on the horizon? Do you plan a book launch party? While old-fashioned book-signings are not what they used to be, I’ve seen and heard about some very successful book launch parties over the years.

Your friends, relatives, colleagues and other supporters are more apt to attend a “party” than a “signing.” And if you have the event at an interesting venue, you’ll attract even more guests. I also like to encourage authors to provide something entertaining or interesting during the evening/day. How can friends and others resist the possibility of winning a prize, actually being a part of a murder mystery or being entertained by magicians, a comedian, an actor or a popular local musical group, for example?

Place is important too. People will come expressly to support you on this special day, to see the magnificent home where the event is taking place or to finally visit an interesting business in town (pet spa, new library, coffee house situated in an old pioneer home, new children’s toy store, etc.).

Be creative. For a book on local hiking trails, bird watching or plants indigenous to the area, arrange a hike with a potluck or refreshment table at the end. For a novel set on or around a train pre 1900, rent a refurbished train car for a catered dinner and evening of entertainment. For a young adult fantasy, bring some of your characters to life using local actors on stage at your community theater.

Are you getting excited about the possibilities? Do you have some ideas for your book launch party going through your head?

What if your book is older now? What if you came out with it last year or three years ago? There’s nothing that will revive an older book like a re-launch party. Think about it. You’ve been promoting the book now for a year or more. You know who your audience is. You know what readers are saying about it. You know which promotional activities and which venues seem to bring you the most sales. And maybe you know what mistakes you made with your book.

Is the cover dull and uninteresting? Did you neglect to hire a good book editor? Is the organization of your book off—could the story be told better? If you believe that your book is as good as it gets, the cover is fantastic and there is a definite need/desire for your book, start now planning a re-launch party. If, on the other hand, you know there are things that could make your book better, invest in improving it now and then through an amazing book launch party for the new and improve version.

I’d like to hear about your successful book launch party ideas. Leave your comment here.

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2 Responses to “Your Book Launch or Re-Launch Party”

  1. Kat Says:

    Now you’ve got me thinking about a launch at one of the faciilities at Prescott Frontier Days rodeo grounds.

  2. Patricia Fry Says:

    Way cool. Why not?

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