Take Your Book or eBook to a Book Festival

I often talk and write about taking your book to a book festival. Why?

• It’s good exposure. Anywhere from fifty to thousands of people who have never heard of you or your book might become aware of it when they see it at a book festival.

• Potential readers who have seen or heard of your book or ebook before, are more apt to buy it upon seeing it again.

• Personality sells books. People tend to buy books from the author him/herself.

• Most visitors to a book festival or book fair are there to purchase books.

• An attractive, professional looking book on a topic or in a genre of interest to a wide range of people generally sells well at a book festival if the author is personable, genuine and clever in promoting it.

• A book festival is a great place to learn more about your audience, their needs/desires and how to most successfully approach them.

• You’ll meet other authors and publishers at a book festival and leaders of writing/publishing organizations, creating useful networking opportunities.

• You’ll learn promotional techniques from other authors.

• You have the opportunity to add to your emailing list. Use this in promoting this and future books and ebooks.

• You’ll most likely receive unexpected opportunities to promote your book or collaborate with someone on another book, make bulk sales, etc. I can’t tell you how many times I and other authors I know have received invitations to appear on radio/TV, speak at local libraries or civic group meetings, have their self-published book published traditionally, etc. One SPAWN member landed a deal to star with his book in a TV documentary.

Learn more about how to locate, prepare for and work a book festival by reading my latest book, “Talk Up Your Book.” It’s available at amazon.com and most other online and downtown bookstores. Also read this article on how to work a book festival so it works for you: http://matilijapress.com/articles/promo_bookFestival.htm

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