Blogging for Novelists

Authors and hopeful authors often ask me, “If I start a blog what should I write about?” The obvious answer is, “Write about the theme of your book. Write for your book’s audience.”

If you’re an author or plan to be, the point of having a blog is to speak to your readers, to widen your audience base, to create another avenue for promoting your books and related services. How do you do this through a blog? For a nonfiction book, you can accomplish this by offering information, resources, news and so forth related to the topic of your book. A blog for fiction can be an entirely different animal, however.

Here’s what I suggest to authors of fiction who want to have a continuing relationship with their readers through a blog.

• Share backstories telling how you came to write this book, describing the process, revealing how you came up with your characters, talking about plot and the transitions you experienced in determining it, etc.

• Flesh out your next storyline. Get reader feedback.

• Write about writing fiction—make your blog all about fiction-writing. Interview other novelists, writing teachers and editors, etc.

• Cover trends and news in the fiction book market and specifically within your genre—YA fantasy, sci fi, cozy mysteries, chic lit, etc.

• Offer advice for other writers.

• Share stories of your book marketing process—where you are speaking, book festivals you’ve attended, unexpected promotional opportunities and so forth.

• Read books like “No More Blank Screen: Blogging Ideas for Fiction Authors” by Krista D. Ball.

• Do an Internet search for articles and blog posts on blogging for fiction authors. There are several.

• Spy on other novelists who blog. What are they blogging about? Are they attracting comments? Adopt some of their techniques.

The more you write, the more ideas you will come up with for your blog. That’s why I often suggest that fiction writers spend some time and expend some energy writing articles or nonfiction essays. It is excellent practice, you can make a little money doing it and it will train your brain to open up more to ideas for your blog.

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