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Write On Journal-Keeping for Teens

Write On!
Journal-Keeping for Teens

by Patricia Fry.
Liguori Publications, 2001 (ID# for this book is 34655) $3.95

Write On, Journal-Keeping for Teens, shows boys and girls how to get started, advises them in selecting a journal book, helps them find the time to write and coaches them in using their journal for specific purposes. Through journaling, for example, a teen can learn more about him/herself, others and the world around them. They can work through their grief, manage their anger and improve their grades. Journaling is also a problem-solving tool. This attractive 48-page booklet offers tips and techniques to help teens begin and continue the process of personal journal-keeping.

A common obstacle to journaling for many is coming up with something to write. In my book, I offer several techniques for "journal-writer's block." I suggest creating a journal jar, for example, with topics you can draw from to get you started. I recommend, in situations where the words are too painful to write, that the teen write their story as though it's fiction. A youngster of few words, might express him or herself in poetry or drawings.

Any professional who works with young people generally recommends that the youth keep a journal. But few educators or religious or youth leaders are equipped to instruct the youngster in journal-keeping techniques nor can they respond to the questions an adolescent might have about journaling techniques. This book answers those questions and provides those techniques.

$3.95 each. Discounts available for bulk orders. You can order these books individually or in bulk by calling the publishing company, Liguori Publications, at 1-800-325-9521, writing to or visiting

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