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Patricia Fry

Reviews and Testimonials for Catscapades: True Cat Tales

by Patricia Fry

“From the minute I opened up Catscapades, I was hooked. Patricia Fry has an uncanny ability to get into the heads and hearts of the cats she writes about.  And she does so with heart, humor and wit. I found myself laughing out loud at the ‘truisms’ of the cats she writes about. At other moments, I found myself in deep reflection at the wondrous nature Ms. Fry elegantly reveals about cats. A pleasure to read from beginning to end. Any cat lover will truly enjoy this delightful read.”
—Sharon Eison, D.V.M, co-author of Cat Tales, True Love Stories.

“I found this book very refreshing. The author tells us what the cats did and the circumstances that prompted their behavior rather than try to tell us what the cats were thinking. Many of the cat adventures were enlightening and entertaining. Even though I have owned and worked with many cats, there were accounts in this book that I have never seen. There are many great color photos of the cats mentioned in the book. This is a delightful and fun read. I highly recommend it.”
—Susan Bulanda, Canine and Feline Ethologist

“You’ll be captivated by these stories.”
—From a review at All Cute Cats

“This book is a must for all of you cat people.”
—Cat Lady Pet Blog

“Captivating. Catscapades is a true testimony to how important it is to make room in our lives for these wonderful creatures.”
—Linda McGinnis, author, artist and cat person.

“Catscapades is a great read for anyone who adores cats. It’s chocked full of delightful stories and even contains general care and health information of interest to anyone addicted to the sound of purring.”
—Sheli Ellsworth, writer-humorist

“For cat lovers, Catscapades is a delightful read. The tales kept me reading and remembering the cats we’ve nurtured in our family. Ms. Fry captured so many varied nuances of feline friends.”
—Laura Malugeon, Ailurophile

“Open the cover of this book with caution and prepare to be swept away by delightful, heartwarming, real-life stories from a great (cat-loving) storyteller. You will meet a variety of wonderful cats. Their stories pounce from the pages with adventurous, feline energy and will likely steal your heart. It is no wonder that this delightful book by noted author, Patricia L. Fry, is entering its second printing. It is the purrfect read for cat lovers and an ideal gift for cat-loving friends.” 
—Linda Faa, Ohio

“If you share your life with one of nature’s most unique creatures, Felis domesticus, you are going to recognize your cat in every one of Patricia’s wonderful stories.”
—Donna Mahan, cat person and avid reader

“Catscapades is a poignant compilation of feline stories that run the gamut for readers from laughter and amusement to sadness and tears. Their common thread is inspiration. Cat photos—plentiful, colorful, and clear—accompany most of the stories, bonding reader to cat in the process. All of the stories are inviting, informative and entertaining. However, my favorite section of stories reveals the plights and misadventures involved in taming homeless felines: the throw-away cats, feral and untamed. These cats warm up to their owners slowly and on their own terms until the sparkles in their eyes replace the fear. These stories made it quite apparent that cats do share our feelings and emotions. After reading these stories, you will gain an even greater appreciation of the precious lives of cats and other animals.”
—Nancy Revelle, Wisconsin

“I’m not just a cat lover, I’m cat-obsessed. Patricia celebrates the wonderful bonds that all of us cat lovers have with our precious companions. This heartwarming collection of stories from Patricia’s life with her beloved cats will touch every reader. This book is the purrfect gift for your cat-loving friends.”
—Debbie Puente, author of Crème Brule and Other Custard Desserts.

“Catscpades is a treasure trove of stores brimming with beautiful photos and heartfelt tales of cats and the people who love them. I had a hard time putting down the book. You will, too.”
—Karen Lee Stevens, founder of All For Animals.

“Congratulations on a wonderful book. What a delight! It exposes so much that I suspected about dear furry friends. I am recommending it to all.”
—Patricia Clark Doerner,

Catscapades is so interesting and close to the heart. You’ve done a magical job in capturing the special connection some of us have to these special gifts from God. Thank you for taking the time to put it all together. I know this is an act of love. It shows on every page. You should have an eager market for this book since it makes a very special gift for anyone with a relative or friend who loves cats…which is a heck of a lot of people.”
—Jerry Malugeon

“This is a treasure of true Catscapades. Patricia Fry has captured little jewels in her collection of tales about the many cats she has rescued, loved and care for and those that she has helped over the Rainbow Bridge. Fellow cat lovers will recognize many of the situations. A wonderful read for anyone who has ever loved a special cat. Highly recommended.”
—Susan Alcott Jardine, Cat Woman and author of The Channel: Stories from L.A.

“Experienced cat lovers will be smiling and nodding their heads form the first page, as they recognize the antics, shenanigans and affection that cats give us, along with the occasional lump in the throat when recalling our own inevitable sad moments that come from Nature’s rule that we can’t keep them forever. Anyone who has ever had a cat will immediately know the truth inside every anecdote. If you’ve never had that special bond with a kitty of your own, reading this book will make you wish you had one right now. Without being instructional, the stories inherently teach compassion and tolerance and an understanding of cats’ unique needs.

“This book is illustrated with photos of the actual cats described, giving the stories a more personal connection. It’s hard to believe they aren’t from a stock photo collection, however, because they are so nicely done. ” Read the entire review here:
—R.J. Peters, author and animal-care expert.

Catscapades is not just information, but a feeling.”
— Ruth Miller, photographer

“This will be a treasured book that I will re-read many times. I’m grateful for your gift to write and your ability to get thee stories in print for all of us to enjoy. Beyond actually enjoying the stories, I found that they brought to mind my own life cat encounters.”
—Mary Ann

Catscapades has lots of nice short stories—some inspiring and most will make you smile. The book is sweet and easy to read.”
—Steve Dale, syndicated pet columnist

“This short but charming book of stories includes some wise advice on living with cats. Clearly the kitties who have lived with Ms. Fry have trained her well.”
—Sparkle the cat

Contact Patricia Fry now:
PMB 123
323 E. Matilija St., Ste. 110
Ojai, CA 93023

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