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The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book

"I read your book as soon as I received it. It is definitely a must have for anyone serious about writing."
Alice Cleveland Reed

"I found your book helpful mainly as a brainstorming tool while thinking of ways to publish my first novel, Strange Saint. It was helpful in framing strategies."
Andrew Beahrs

"I found your book to be a very valuable as a reference. There are tons of valuable bits of information. I think of it as my writing bible."
Tara Rabuck

"Kudos on your straight-talking, The Right Way to Write Publish and Sell Your Book. I love your direct approach."
Brett Swaile

I love all of the books I’ve bought from you. Your personable writing style makes it seem as though you are speaking directly to me. I consider “The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book” as my Bible. It's the Grandmother of all of your books. The straightforward information on promoting and marketing has helped me so much.
Thanks for writing such great books,
Linda Austin,
St. Louis , MO

This book would be a valuable addition to any writer’s bookshelf, but especially that of the newbie.
Anne Lovett, Editor
Georgia Writers News

I purchased, “The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book,” a few months back. I have read all of the introductory chapters and pertinent sections to match my particular activities at the moment. All of these are invaluable, as well as very well organized.
Best wishes,
Kathleen Statham

I purchased 'The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book" and you gave me a lot of information that was useful in putting together my proposal. Also, thank you so much for answering my questions. You have no idea how much it has helped me out.
Jim Bryant

I am on the second reading of “The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book” and have recommended it to two other people. It is a GREAT help and resource.
Charlotte McGuire Goodwin, Author
The Twisted Path

I have read most of the book and have found it very helpful. You are encouraging, yet honest and direct. I am a former English teacher and a hopeful author. I hope someday to put your good advice to work.
Nicole Patterson

Your book, “The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book,” has been my bible. I read and re-read your advice and recommendations.
Thanks for all of your help.
Joyce Harris, Author

I would like to thank you for your book. It is very useful to me. I followed all of your suggestions in the book and I am very happy to tell you they all helped. I will tell my fellow authors to buy your book so their books will fly also.
Thanks a million. You are my mentor.
Ella Jean Quitoriano

The Right Way to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Book

The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book
Your Complete Guide to Successful Authorship

by Patricia Fry

Announcing the Revised, Second Edition of
The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book.

The original edition of this book (published in 2006) received over a dozen 5-star reviews from industry professionals. The second edition is the same book with 32 more pages reflecting dozens of updates and additions. We've included more information, tips and resources related to publishing fiction, choosing an appropriate title for your book, working with bookstores, promoting books through book trailers, using a blog to promote your book and establishing your all important platform, for example.

The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book is a definitive guide to successful authorship whether you're writing fiction, nonfiction, poetry a children's book or a memoir. It details critical information about the publishing industry in frank terms and includes numerous anecdotes and examples to illustrate the processes involved in successful authorship.

See the Table of Contents in PDF.
Read the Reviews for the First Edition!

This book walks hopeful and experienced authors through the writing, publishing and book promotion process from start to finish and beyond. In this book, you'll learn how to:

  • Edit your own manuscript.
  • Write with more clarity.
  • Choose a good editor to polish your finished product.
  • Locate the right publisher for your book.
  • Select the best agent for your project.
  • Write query letters and book proposals.
  • Keep from making costly publishing mistakes.
  • Understand your responsibility as an author.
  • Successfully self-publish your book.
  • Tackle the business aspects of publishing.
  • Get your book into bookstores.
  • Get your book reviewed many times over.
  • Develop a promotional plan for your book.
  • Successfully promote and sell your book.
  • Work a book festival so it works for you.
  • Sell more books at book signings.
  • Make money writing articles that promote your book.
  • Be a better public speaker.
  • Find speaking opportunities.
  • Locate and work with distributors and wholesalers.
  • Take the stress out of shipping books.

If you are still confused about the process of publishing, working with publishers and agents, organizing a nonfiction book, targeting your audience and developing a promotions plan, for example, this is the book you've been waiting for.

Patricia Fry has poured into this book the information and experience she has gleaned from over 30 years in this business. Not only was she involved in early publishing models, she stays up-to-date with the industry through her own current publishing projects, by guiding clients and students through the publishing maze and through the work she does on behalf of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network). Patricia frequently responds to authors' questions through the SPAWN Web site and at writers/publishers conferences and workshops each year. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the industry by researching for and writing the monthly SPAWN Market Update-a meaty newsletter posted at the SPAWN Web site.

Eleven of Patricia's 29 books relate to writing/publishing and she contributes dozens of articles each year to writing/publishing magazines such as, Writer's Digest, Authorship, PMA Independent, Absolute Write, Freelance Writer's Report, Byline, SPAWNews, SPANnet, NAWW Newsletter and others.

Read the Reviews for the First Edition!

The Right Way to
Write, Publish and Sell Your Book
Your Complete Guide to Successful Authorship

(Matilija Press, 2007)
ISBN: 0-9773576-0-0, 328 pages. $19.95 $14.95

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