Tips for More Effective Public Speaking

We were talking about public speaking and communication for authors last week. Here are some specific tips for more effective public speaking:

Speak up and speak out. Many inexperienced orators speak too softly or they allow their voices to drop toward the end of their sentences. Whether addressing a large audience or a small group, always speak so that you can be heard even in the back of the room. I recommend standing to speak. Your voice will carry better if you do.

Repeat audience questions. When someone asks a question during your presentation, always repeat it before answering it. This ensures that everyone hears it.

Make eye contact. Move your attention around the room as you speak, making eye contact with each person

Don’t apologize. Avoid sabotaging your presentation by making excuses for not being well prepared or for poor speaking skills. Stand tall, appear self-assured and you will gain the confidence of your audience.

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