50 Ways to Prepare for Publishing Success


Each one of you has a different motivation for wanting to write a book. While some of you simply hope to preserve your story for family and friends, most of us are seeking some level of success and recognition as published authors. Maybe you have experience or expertise in a topic and you want to share it; you’ve discovered a different way of approaching an issue; you have a story rolling around in your head and you want to write it for others to enjoy or learn from and/or you simply love to write and would like to use this means to express yourself in book form.

Probably, you crave a large readership. You envision your books and ebooks selling by the trainloads. And you wouldn’t mind filling your pockets with money from the sale of your books. We hear about successful authors in the news. We meet them at conferences and signings. We read their stories of success and we believe, “that could be me!”

But what does it really take to succeed as a published author? Much, much more than you might think. This ebooklet is designed to help you understand more about the highly competitive publishing industry and how you can more successfully navigate it to your advantage.

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