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Quest for Truth: A Journey of the Soul
by Patricia Fry

It's never easy to bare your soul, which is what I've done in this book. This started out as a rather exciting writing assignment -- to write a book about the work local hypnotherapist, Don Clark, was doing in past-life regression therapy. Clark died 8 months into the research, however, and I filed away my mountain of notes. Seven years later, when I realized how much my life had changed as a result of the experiences I'd had with past-life regression and self-hypnosis, I decided to write my own book.

Herein I document several dozen occurrences that suggest reincarnation. I relate many instances of what seemed to be my own past lives and those of Clark's clients, including some on the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria. I share the remarkable results of my research while attempting to prove the existence of these past lives. In this book, I describe my own birth and death and I share insights into the moment of creation. I reveal my successes and a dramatic failure when using the white light of protection.

This book reflects the author's intense struggle as she continually questioned and explored metaphysical concepts, many of which were contrary to what she thought she knew. Although Quest for Truth is a unique and exciting metaphysical adventure, it's more than that. This book offers readers the inspiration and the tools to facilitate their own spiritual enrichment.

What they're saying about Quest For Truth: A Journey of the Soul:

"A fascinating book that, through a non-believer's journey, reveals the human potential and unveils some of life's possibilities. Quest for Truth is a must read. Ms. Fry's easy-to-read style provides an education, demonstrating effective tools that we can use to help ourselves and the important people in our lives. This book can become the transformational key in a person's life." Gary K. Yamamoto, Ph.D., author of Creative Dream Analysis and Professional Power, Personal Excellence, is a professional speaker, seminar leader and consultant for corporations and associations in the area of professional, personal and spiritual growth.

"Quest for Truth, a true story, is a gripping metaphysical adventure. Ms.Fry begins her intimate odyssey as an objective writer intent on recording the past-life experiences of others while they are under hypnosis. In the course of her investigation, she undergoes hypnosis and is seduced by her own inner Truth. Her amazing experiences draw the reader into a profound world of inner exploration and discovery. A fresh approach to age-old questions in a beautiful, unique book that inspires and points the way for readers to look within for the Truth." Ann Mills, editor and publisher of two books carrying Dadaji's message: The Truth Within and Look Within(Amida Press).

"The skepticism, realism, honesty and enthusiam with which Ms. Fry shares her personal journey in her quest for truth, makes this book an adventure and an inspiration." The Reverend Bonny Estes, president of The Power Within, a nonprofit religious educational organization.

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Quest for Truth: A Journey of the Soul (Matilija Press, 1996)
ISBN: 0-9612642-1-7, 140 pages. $10.00

Quest for Truth: A Journey of the Soul

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