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How does an online class work?

It's as easy as emailing a friend, but much more rewarding and beneficial to your writing/publishing career. It's like going to school in the comfort of your home. You will receive weekly lectures and assignments that you can work on at your convenience. Your instructor will respond to your questions and provide individual feedback. Plan to participate fully and you could complete a successful book proposal for submission by the end of the 6 or 8 week course, have an article ready to submit to an appropriate periodical, start selling more books or self-publish your book (of course, depending on which course you take).

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Book Promotion Workshop (6 weeks, You choose when to start!)
Write a Successful Book Proposal (8 weeks, You choose when to start!)
How to Write and Sell Magazine Articles 6 weeks,You choose when to start!)
Self-publishing Workshop (8 weeks, You choose when to start!)
Practical and Effective Self-Editing for Authors NEW (4 weeks + bonus 5th week for those who need help)
Memoir-Writing Course NEW (6 weeks)

Class Fees

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