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NEWS March 2, 2016
Patricia Fry and her Award-Winning Klepto Cat Mystery Series
featured on first page of The Wall Street Journal !

The Wall Street Journal

Klepto Cat Mystery Series

Klepto Cat Mysteries
The highly acclaimed cat mystery series.

by Patricia Fry

The Klepto Cat Mysteries are light, fun cozy mysteries full of adventure, intrigue, and a little romance. They feature Rags, an ordinary cat who just can't keep his paws off other people's things. Often, the treasures he finds are clues in a mystery. Follow Rags's fascinating life path from when he and Savannah were single and he roamed the neighborhood stealing everything from toys belonging to large dogs to jewelry and bathing suits.

Rags and Savannah don't stay single long. After meeting Michael, a handsome veterinarian, Savannah settles down, but the cat doesn't change his thieving ways. Even though his kleptomaniac habit is annoying and embarrassing to his family, he has earned the respect of the local sheriff's department and he was even asked to star in a documentary.

Catnapped Cat-Eye Witness, a Klepto Cat Mystery
Sleight of Paw, A Klepto Cat Mystery Undercover Cat
The Colonu Cat Caper Celebrity Cat Caper
Corral Cat Caper Gallery Cat Caper
Mansion of Meows PAWtners in Crime
PAWSitively Siniater The Purrfect Lie, A Klepto Cat Mystery
Picture Purrfect Christmas Meow for the Money, A Klepto Cat Mystery
Claws for a Cause Cabin FURvor, A Klepto Cat Mystery
A Meowvelous Witness Cats in Cahoots
The Amazing Catventure By Cat or by Crook
Merriment, Mayhem and Meows A Christmas to Purr About Cattywampus Travels Perilous PURRsuit
Secrets, Trickery and Meows ImPAWssible Mission, Klepto Cat Mystery 28
Meowmoirs Revenge at its Felinest Book 30
FURever Bound, a Klepto Cat Mystery Cats Don't Squeal, a Klepto Cat Mystery
Secret Claws, a Klepto Cat Mystery FURever Friends, A Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 34
Wrong-Side-of-Paw.html A Whisker of Truth
Cats and Caboodle A Very Meowy Christmas, A Klepto Cat Mystery
Purfectly Perilous Plot, Klepto Cat Mystery 39 Meow and Forever, Klepto Cat Mystery Book 40
Cats of a Feather, Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 41 The Secret in the Whiskers Paws for Trouble, Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 44/
Love at First Purr Something to Meow About
Meowing-in-Moonlight.html Whisker of Doubt, A Klepto Cat Mystery
In Purrsuit of the Unknown A PAWsome Encounter
Calico Calamities A Ehisker Away
Rags Gets the Upper Paw Claw and Order
Rags Lends a Helping Paw, A Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 55 Meow Me A riddle
Paws forCatastrophe Paws-for-CATastrophe-58.html
Rags Rocks Christmas, A Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 60 Meow Me a Murder
Catch Meow if You Can, a Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 62 Rags Shutters a Crime, A Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 63 Purrs in the Wild, A Klepto Cat Mysyery Rags Claws for Clues, a Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 66 Rags  Digs Up The Past, A Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 67

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A note from Patricia Fry
I've been following my passion for writing professionally since 1973. I've been infatuated by cats forever. It's a thrill to bring these two loves together in a new-to-me medium—Fiction. I hope you enjoy my Klepto Cat Mysteries as much as I've enjoyed bringing them to you.


Patricia Fry has been writing for publication since 1973, having contributed articles to numerous magazines. She published her first book in 1983 and now has many self-published and traditionally published books to her credit. See her most recent books in the left column of this page.

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