50 Ways to Sell Books Using Your Personality


Competition for authors is fierce. You and I are among the nearly seven million less celebrated authors who are competing with one another (as well as the celebrity authors) for book sales in the US and beyond. Every year, around a million new books and ebooks are produced; and every year, thousands upon thousands of those newly published books fail. The latest statistics indicate that just under eighty percent of all books produced each year sell fewer than 100 copies; and their authors wonder why.

I say it is at least partly lack of personality. Many authors are not willing or able to practice a hands-on approach when it comes to promoting their books. The intimacy these authors experienced with their books during the writing process fades once they face the overwhelming task of marketing. Yet, you should know that a sense of intimacy is at least as important to your project after publication as it was during the writing phase of the book—intimacy with your book and intimacy with your audience.

This book features 50 ideas for connecting with your audience. Adopt some of the promotional ideas in this ebook and you will sell more books.

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