PURRfectly Olivia, A Calico Cat Mystery, Book 11

PURRfectly Olivia, A Calico Cat Mystery, Book 11

Olivia has her paws full in this lively mystery.

What starts out as a family reunion quickly becomes a challenging cat mystery in the mountains of Colorado. No one knows where the swarm of cats are coming from or where they’re going until Olivia gets involved. The clues lead to some of the most unusual places and the most unlikely people. But the closer Parker and her brother, Wade, come to solving the mystery, the more danger Olivia faces. Amid the peril, there are touching moments and a sweet conclusion that will warm your heart.

Olivia To The Rescue

Olivia to the Rescue, A Calico Cat Mystery, Book 10

Olivia flaunts her superpowers.Not only does the spunky calico join the crusade to help endangered cats, but she also lends a paw to others in need. No one knows what’s happening to the cats—why they’re disappearing, then showing up with dreadful injuries. The mystery baffles locals, so they call in Parker and Olivia. Along the way, Olivia engineers a method to keep a child from drowning, she very creatively causes a breakup then brings two people together. Olivia’s crowning glory in this story is the part she plays in identifying the culprits who are harming the cats in a most bizarre scheme. She makes sure they’re caught and punished.

Olivia's Secret, A Calico Cat Mystery, Book 9

Olivia’s Secret, A Calico Cat Mystery, Book 9

Olivia shares the secrets that crack this unusual case.

Parker and Olivia arrive home from a road trip to find a mystery building in their own backyard. Parker’s cousin, Pamela, seems to be missing, only there’s evidence that she’s in the area. Parker’s concerned that her cousin has run away from her responsibilities again, until a coworker reveals that Pamela may be a witness to a crime. New question, is Pamela hiding out or has she been kidnapped? Unable to determine whether she should be worried about Pamela or angry with her, Parker calls on her friend Jag and her spunky neighbor, Nonnie, to help sort through the possibilities and clues. This leads them to get involved in a cat rescue situation, which delights Olivia, and it’s the calico’s quick thinking that ultimately puts a halt to the terrorism.

Giddy-up, Olivia!

Giddy-up, Olivia! A Calico Cat Mystery, Book 8

Olivia flaunts her inner cowgirl.

In this story, Olivia teams up with an unlikely cohort. Together, they help solve a spooky mystery and surprise everyone when the two of them capture the mastermind behind it all. Olivia keeps busy on a road trip to Texas. She saves a child after a frightening accident, squeals on a pair of thieves, uncovers an awful small town secret, and tries to tame a herd of out-of-control goats. She also helps a young woman keep from making a painful mistake.

Leave It To Olivia, A Calico Cat Mystery, Book 7

Leave It To Olivia, A Calico Cat Mystery, Book 7

Olivia stays on top of the clues in this twisted mystery.

Parker’s spunky Aunt Sharlene needs help. She’s being threatened and is rapidly succumbing to the fear. Olivia finds the clues that might help Sharlene wake up from her nightmare, but not before the woman is arrested for murder. Meanwhile, Olivia has her own challenges. She’s almost pirated away from Parker by unscrupulous scammers, she’s stalked by an aging coyote and ultimately helps him to find peace and safety, and she paws a criminal who tried to rob a young boy of his birthday wish. This is a lively story with a lot of cat action and a surprise ending.

Olivia's Meow Moment, a Calico Cat Mystery, Book 6

Olivia’s Meow Moment, A Calico Cat Mystery, Book 6

Olivia conquers evil while purring like an angel.
Parker, Jag, and their two feline companions team up to advocate for working cats. Jag’s client, Harriet Plott, runs a cat-leasing company for all the wrong reasons. No wonder she’s met by obstacles at every turn, including vicious neighborhood dogs that ultimately attack her. But how did they get out? Did they have a little help? Who’s really behind the reign of terror in her neighborhood?
In this story Olivia saves a kitten from the pack of dogs. She takes a harrowing ride with a catnapper and enjoys it, locates an explosive in the nick of time, helps a desperate man find a very important ring, and she displays just enough naughty to stop an extortionist in his tracks and save a neighborhood from imminent destruction.
Olivia Gone Wild

Olivia Goes Wild, A Calico Cat Mystery, Book 5

Olivia Tames the Wild-Wild West.In this story, Olivia and her friend, Rags, the klepto cat, vacation at a ranch in Colorado with their families. Together, they dig up important clues to a tragic mystery, and they unearth something that will change a life forever. While Olivia finds a friend for a lonely aging horse and leads a brood of helpless ducklings to safety, Rags puts himself in danger to save a cougar’s life. This is a fun read with interesting human and animal characters, a baffling mystery, and a lot of unexpected surprises.

Olivia's Folly, A Calico Cat Mystery

Olivia’s Folly, A Calico Cat Mystery, Book 4

Olivia helps unravel a ghoulish mystery. Parker takes Olivia, her spunky calico, to visit family at a guest ranch in Colorado. Olivia makes herself quite at home among the critters. She even learns how to ride a horse. But their vacation turns ghastly when dead bodies show up in the most unexpected places, then disappear seemingly without a trace. Olivia is on the job, though, pawing up vital clues that could eventually lead them to the macabre truth. Along the way, Olivia is catnapped in a cruel plot, she rescues vulnerable ducklings, and she teaches a few lessons in cat appreciation.

Then Came Olivia book cover

Then Came Olivia, A Calico Cat Mystery, Book 3

Olivia helps untangle another CATastrophic mystery.

Parker and Olivia team up with cat activist, Jaguar Katz, and his cat, Archie, in a most unusual and alarming cat-disappearance case. Who’s taking beloved cats from their homes in the sleepy mountain village and for what purpose? Some of the possibilities are terrifying. Olivia and Archie find clues that make no sense at all until a risky plot flushes out the surprising culprit in the most entertaining manner. Along the way, Olivia interacts with an array of cats, dogs, and their humans; she miraculously saves an injured cat; she escapes a near tragedy herself; she charms almost everyone she meets; and she leads the charge toward resolving the case.

Warning: This is a cozy mystery and it may contain heartwarming moments, a measure of suspense, a lot of cat activity, and at least a little frivolity and fun along the way.

Where's Olivia?

Where’s Olivia?, A Calico Cat Mystery, Book 2

Olivia claws and charms her way out of some sticky situations.
The search is on for Detective Jud’s missing daughter, and Olivia doesn’t miss a beat as she scratches up important clues. She even does a little undercover work, but not because she wants to. When Parker and the detective meet up with a sister and brother in search of their missing mother, they join forces in a daring rescue attempt. And the spunky calico does her part to end the charade and free those who were under a wicked spell.

Calici Cal Mystery, Oh! Oliviia, Booj One

Oh! Olivia, A Calico Cat Mystery, Book 1

Olivia proves she’s not just a pretty face. Parker Campbell, an investigative reporter, and her calico cat, Olivia, have been summoned to help save a long-standing cat colony site from the grips of eager developers. They arrive on scene to discover that the property has become enshrouded in a most unsettling mystery. The feral cats are digging up personal items belonging to missing persons who vanished years earlier. Was this the site of a mass murder, a cult ritual gone wrong, or an unexplained phenomenon?

Parker teams up with Detective Judson Caldwell, who has taken a personal leave to secretly investigate the mystery, and soon learns what drives his obsession with this case.Olivia, the sweet and sassy calico, struts her stuff in this story. She locates a lost toddler and ends up getting herself arrested. She isn’t about to take this insult lying down, however. She escapes from custody and trashes the police station. Olivia alerts Parker to trouble when they visit her aunt’s home and find that the woman has detained a burglar in a most unusual way. Olivia also finds major clues in the convoluted cat colony mystery, one that promises a glimmer of hope for a long-grieving parent.

Calico Calamities

Calico Calamities: A Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 51

Rags meets his match in a pert and sassy calico.The stunning, savvy, and colorful Olivia visits the Iveys and quickly teams up with Rags in some fascinating and gripping catscapades. Together the feline duo paw the unlikely culprit in a troubling theft. They save an injured cat at a rescue shelter, and they expose a well-kept personal family secret. Ultimately, sparks fly and minds are changed when Rags and Olivia show their tough stuff and enlighten a group of misinformed protesters about the reality of intuitive and discerning cats.

Meow and Forever

Meow Forever: A Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 40

Rags becomes a pawn in a most preposterous plot.
Savannah’s on high alert after someone threatens to take Rags. Every stranger becomes a suspect and every encounter causes more uncertainty. Meanwhile, Glori, the special-needs cat settles into the Ivey home nicely. In fact some of her characteristics cause interesting speculation. Could the sweet calico actually be related to Rags? You might have some ideas of your own once you get to know Glori.
Rags is oblivious to his stalker. He just continues being Rags. He puts a lot of energy into welcoming Glori into the family, with a few unexpected calamities. He helps Teddy celebrate his second birthday, and manages to steal the show. He also saves a little boy and is the catalyst that just might mean a better life for the child.
Behind the scenes, Savannah and Detective Craig Sledge work to expose the stalker, but time is running out. How much longer can they keep Rags safe? And what is Glori’s role in all of this?

Catscapades (ebook)

Catscapades is a collection of over 40 true stories and vignettes featuring over three dozen cats and kittens in a variety of loving and harrowing circumstances.

ISBN – 978-0-9773576-66
130 pages, 46 photographs.



Catscapades is a collection of over 40 true stories and vignettes featuring over three dozen cats and kittens in a variety of loving and harrowing circumstances.

ISBN – 978-0-9773576-66
130 pages, 46 photographs.

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