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The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book
Your Complete Guide to Successful Authorship
by Patricia L. Fry

Revised Edition, 2007, with a companion Author's Workbook
ISBN: 0-9773576-0-0
328 pages. $19.95; Workbook: 55 pages. $12.95

Review by Barbara Florio Graham,

I reviewed the first edition of this book, and said then that it was one of the most comprehensive and valuable sources I've encountered. I recommend it to most of the writers I mentor.

The new edition contains even more helpful advice and resources, and the companion workbook is ideal for someone who needs additional motivation. It provides specific steps to follow, with clear instructions and references to relevant pages in the book.

I like that the workbook is sold separately, because not everyone will need to use it. But many writers find it difficult to follow the advice given in a text, and filling in the pages of the workbook will guide them through the process.

Fry has organized The Right Way to make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. It's designed for anyone who thinks they want to write a book, which turns out to be just about every writer who comes to me for mentoring! Even if they need advice about finding immediate markets to bring in much-needed income, there is almost always a book on the back burner. Fry handles unrealistic expectations in the first chapter, and only deals with the actual writing process in Part IV.

Publishers tell us today that every author needs a "platform," and I'm happy to report that Fry deals directly with this problem, and offers excellent suggestions.

This is the book to buy if you think you might want to write a book, if you need guidance in finding a publisher and writing a book proposal, or if you're considering self-publishing. It belongs on every writer's bookshelf. Invest in the workbook, too. It will ensure you follow through.


Barbara Florio Graham is the author of three books, contributor to more than 30 anthologies and to countless websites in 28 countries. Her website is:

[Author's Note: Right Way has been retired. See my most receent books in the left column of this page.]

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