How to Rewrite a Well-Written Piece

I discovered recently that it is harder to rewrite a well-written piece than it is to write it anew. Have you ever tried that?

I’m working on my latest book, quite intensely, I might add. And there are a couple of series of tips, techniques and instructions I want to use in it that appear in another book. So I have had to reorganize and rewrite the material so it is valid and meaningful, yet doesn’t so closely resemble what I’ve already published.

It’s quite a challenge when you like what you’ve written—it flows nicely, it says what you need it to say and you are sort of attached to the way it is strung together. It seems that the key is to break that attachment—to look at the collection of words with a more open mind.

It helped for me to start at the beginning and just rewrite from there. In this case, it was a series of steps. After pondering it, I was able to add some new steps, flesh them out with additional information and perspective and I rearranged the order of some of the original steps.

I went through and rewrote those that I had to keep—those that were most important to the message I was sharing with readers. How? In some cases I used different wording—different terminology. And I also rearranged the individual sentences.

It can be done. You can rewrite a well-written, succinct, meaningful article, story, passage, set of instructions, but it takes some thought, a letting go and a willingness to get creative all over again.

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