Thoughts for Thursday – What’s Happening in the Klepto Cat Mystery Factory

While Book 41 is with the editor, I’ve been doing some rewriting. I already did a rewrite—actually two of them—on Book One. I revised Catnapped and we reformatted the print book when we produced the audio book. Several of the earlier print books also need reformatting, and I think they need revising. I’ve learned a lot about fiction-writing these last eight years—I’ve established my style and I’d like to eventually rewrite and reformat all the earliest books in the series to conform.

You might wonder if this is a boring task or if I enjoy the process. Actually, while I yearn to create new stories, I find joy in the revision work too. First, I’m in awe of the depth and creativity in the early stories—in all of my stories. I’ve always felt and still do that it isn’t actually me at the computer typing out these plots. I sure don’t want to say or believe in any way that these stories are channeled from the spirit world—I can’t give what I do that much reverence, but it sure feels-seems as though the material I write is coming to and through me—not from me. I wonder if other writers have the same experience.

Anyway, watch for Book 41—Cats of a Feather—probably sometime next month. And I’ll keep you posted as to the progress on the rewriting in case you want to update your library. I’m pretty sure you’d enjoy rereading all of my books because I can tell you, even as the writer, I sure am enjoying the stories and I’ve read them many, many more times than you have.

Update: the print version of Cat-Eye Witness has been revised and reformatted. We are working on the Kindle version as we speak. And I’m hard at work revising Book 3: Sleight of Paw.

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4 Responses to Thoughts for Thursday – What’s Happening in the Klepto Cat Mystery Factory

  1. Mollie Hunt says:

    I need to get to a bit of revising myself. As with you, I enjoy reading the old stories, catching nuances I may have forgotten. I also feel as if my writing comes more through me than from me. But with so many books in a year, how do you decide which to enter in the CWA contest?

    • Patricia says:

      It’s always fun to hear how other people approach their writing. Thanks for sharing that. As to deciding which books to enter in the CWA contest, that is a puzzle. This year, when I re-read the rules and saw that the book must be 2/3 cat, that helped me decide. My stories are human-driven and the cats have larger parts in some books than others. So that’s how I decided this year. I sent mine in–Wendy acknowledged receipt–I’m good to go. Now to type with crossed fingers for several months. Crossing fingers that we get a speaking slot, too. Thanks again for spearheading that.

  2. Lynn J Pielacha says:

    I have fallen in love 💘 with Rags and his many adventures. I am eagerly waiting for his newses#41. Please keep writing about Rags and his extended family. I feel like they are close friends. Excellent stories!❤❤🐈

    • Patricia says:

      Hi Lynn,

      I love hearing this. Thank you so much for your comments. Book 41 is close to being ready. My beta reader and my editor both really like this one. It’s about Rags finding his biological family. I call it Cats of a Feather. Cute, huh?

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