Mindful Monday – Catscapades is the Tops

This is a Top 100 Cat BlogI received a notice over the weekend that this Catscapades blot has been accepted as one of the top 100 cat blogs by Feedspot. Check it out here: http://blog.feedspot.com/cat_blogs.

You probably didn’t know there were so many blogs about cats, did you? We’re also listed among the top 51 cat blogs here: https://petazi.com/best-cat-blogs and the top thirty favorites at Tuxedo-Cat in the UK. http://www.tuxedo-cat.co.uk/30-favourite-independent-cat-blogs

If you’re interested in cat blogs, check some of the others out. You’ll find blogs focusing on veterinary care for cats, cat behavior, and other serious issues involving cats. There are, of course, blogs like this one where the subject matter covers a wide gamut, but always relates to cats. There are blogs featuring specific breeds of cat, books about cats, cat fiction, cartoons about cats, cat photography, cat rescue, and plenty of sites covering pet cats—“what my cat did today.”

There used to be scam cat sites where people would feature a supposedly sick cat and ask for donations (maybe still are). I wrote about this type of scam in my Klepto Cat Mystery book 4, Undercover Cat.

Do you follow other cat blogs? Which ones are your favorites?

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